Saturday, May 10, 2008

Visiting Boston

Jeff and I flew into Boston on Thursday night and have been staying with friends at the fraternity that he was in. It's been really fun to see lots of friends and catch up on what everybody is doing. May is an interesting time to visit because they're just about to finish finals, and then people are headed off for all their exciting summer plans. The graduating seniors are going on to real jobs and getting apartments, and there is generally just lots going on.

It's funny how familiar everything is - like you never left. Though I feel like our days of staying with friends in a fraternity are soon coming to an end. Already, a quarter of the house (the freshman) are people we don't really know well. Our older friends are moving away - two of them have bought houses in the area and another two are looking to buy.

Unlike the old dinner conversation topics, we talk a lot more about renting and buying houses, getting (or losing) jobs and about friends' weddings. But its all fun and interesting, so I'm enjoying the difference.

One of our friends just got back from Iraq, so he was telling us stories about being in Baghdad. He is in the military and was protecting important people as they traveled around the city. It sounded like a pretty crazy experience, but it's good to have him back home.

We're in town to go to a friend's wedding, which is this evening, but other than that we're mostly just hanging out with people and catching up. Time to head out for brunch soon!

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