Friday, May 2, 2008

From Sun to Snow

I thought weather in Minnesota was pretty crazy, but Colorado caught me off-guard. When I checked the weather before I came, I saw that it was supposed to be 70 degrees on Wednesday and then 40 degrees on Thursday. Thinking there's no way you can drop 30 degrees in one day, I decided not to take a coat. Then on Wednesday - the day I went flying, it was really warm - maybe even in the 80's. And yet, the locals insisted there would be snow.

Much to my surprise, they were right. It snowed in the morning and stayed in the 40's all day.And there was basically no visibility - this picture was taken in the evening when you were starting to be able to see the mountains again. Who knew I'd get to see warm sunny boulder from the sky and then the snow-covered mountains the next day?

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Drew said...

Yes, that is incredibly okay with me. It's welcomed actually ;)