Saturday, May 10, 2008

Classes are over... movie time!

I turned in my last final on Monday, May 5th, and since then I've had a bit of free time. I'm still finishing up things for my part time jobs and research, but things are slower than usual. So I had the chance to watch some movies.

Born into Brothels
This movie was great, and I'd highly recommend it. It's a documentary filmed in the brothels in Calcutta. A woman goes there to film and ends up meeting all of the children that live in the brothel. She decides to teach them photography, give them cameras to use, and have them photograph things about their life. The film gives some background on each of the kids and about their situation. The woman filming the documentary wants to help get them into schools, and you see all of the administrative difficulties that make it almost impossible, not to mention the problems convincing their parents, and they give a little info on what happens after the documentary ends. It's a really interesting movie, and (being a documentary) is very realistic in showing how these children think about life and what sort of issues they deal with.

Jeff and I got Syriana from Netflix, and both thought it was ok. It follows the lives of a bunch of different people who are in some way associated with the oil industry - either because they are CIA, or energy traders, or consultants, or middle-east royalty. It's interesting and has a lot of big name actors, but I think it dragged a little bit for me, without having a clear point other than generally that the oil industry ruins nations and everything connected to it is corrupt.

Star Trek: Nemesis
I always meant to see this, but I guess it didn't get great reviews and I never made time. It's about what you'd expect as a Star Trek movie, with some space battles and Romulans. It wasn't anything special, I thought, so I hope they make another one and it's better. :)

27 Dresses
That's right - I watched a romantic comedy! It wasn't too bad - entertaining and somewhat funny - no big surprises. Which I guess is what you're looking for in a romantic comedy. It fit well with my weekend theme, though, since Jeff and I just went to a wedding yesterday.

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