Sunday, May 1, 2011

We Love Checking the Mail

Checking the mail has been one of my favorite activities over the past couple of weeks.
Because we get lots of these:

And some of these!

RSVP cards started arriving just two days after we sent invites out, and they're still rolling in now! It's just fun to find out who's going to be there and start imaging how things are going to be. Plus, it's extra fun when people add their own thoughts to the RSVP cards. Some of my favorites:
Nick and Calea - who are almost as excited as we are!

Jen and Jeff - who had a (joking) special menu request.

Sam and Jess - who drew a just-married bus to fun town (an inside joke from freshman year)!

Tim and Joy - who made their reservations in November - so awesome!

Peg and Art Tatum - even though they can't come, because they send their decline with "profound regret bordering on dispair."

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