Sunday, May 1, 2011

Philosophy on Thank You Notes

Galison Kate Sutton Many Thanks Thank You Note Cards (28440)One of the things to do, as you get closer to the wedding, is write Thank You notes for gifts - mostly from the shower, but also for the wedding gifts that arrive early. If you read about this online, it's almost all complaints - people looking for a way around it, people suggesting fill-in-the-blank style phrases to use. And I see where they're coming from, since Thank You's are generally written by hand, it can be really time-consuming. And one downside for a multi-tasker like me, is that you can't really do anything else (like watch TV) while you're writing Thank You notes. (If I watched "House" while writing, I'm sure someone would get thanked for a disease or some Vicodin.)

Adams Embossed Thank You Cards, 10 Cards and Envelopes , 4.5 x 6.25 Inches, Cream Linen (ENC201)But, other than that, I actually really like writing Thank You's! It's a chance to spend a little bit of time thinking about each person we invited (who are all people that we care about!), and a little time thinking about some new thing you now have (which, based on the gifts so far, we're really excited about, too!). And if you think about it, that's actually kind a fun and nice thing to get to do.

Also, I think my enjoyment of Thank You notes comes from my strategy. First, I type them up on my computer. This is fast and easy to adjust, and my hands don't get tired, so I can write 20 or 30 thank yous and still be in a happy, thoughtful, energetic mood.

Periwinkle Thank You Note Cards & EnvelopeNext I bring out the thank you notes and start hand-writing. And that takes a long time. And when I do a lot of them in a row, I start to understand how people would think of it as a chore, but luckily, my mood doesn't affect what I write, because I already figured out what to say before! So overall, it's actually a fun thing to do!

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