Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fourth of July

For the Fourth of July weekend Jeff and I headed to Ocean City, MD. Our friends Jen and Jeff Schleigh are getting married next weekend, so they decided to have a combined bachelor/bachelorette party weekend with all their friends at the beach over the 4th.

Schleigh's family has a house on the beach in which we were able to fit all 30 people pretty comfortably. Either way it would have worked out since we spent the majority of our time laying out on the beach.

I love swimming, and we had a chance to enjoy the waves - I even got Jeff to come in the water a couple times. (I just had to explain that when you're playing in the water, you don't get "goosebumps," you get "fun bumps" - they just prove you're having a great time.)

There was lots of sun during the day and fireworks at night - basically, the perfect Fourth of July.

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