Thursday, July 16, 2009


Jeff and I just finished watching season two of Dexter the other day. It's been nominated for an Emmy for Best Drama Series and Michael Hall (Dexter) has been nominated for Best Actor in a drama.

It's an interesting show- the premise is that Dexter, the main character, works as a blood spatter analyst with the Miami Police Department by day, and by night, he's a serial killer - focusing on ridding the city of bad guys that fell through the system. The vigilantism reminded me slightly of Boondock Saints, except that in Dexter, his reason for killing is not because he wants to clean-up the city, it's just because he likes to kill people. Despite that, he's kind of the hero of the show - the one you're cheering for.

Definitely a different premise than I'd seen in the past. It keeps the show interesting and unpredictable. It's a bit creepy - maybe not the best show to watch just before bed - but still fun and sometimes even funny. Overall, I'd recommend checking it out - I'm excited to get started on Season 3!

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