Saturday, March 28, 2009

Peru Day 9 - Lake Titicaca

We completed our Lake Titicaca tour on Saturday. After pancakes and Munya tea for breakfast, we headed back to the boat. Our final stop was the island of Tranquille. This island is run like a communist community - a closed community sharing all work and income equally.

They run restaurants for tourists, but only serve one meal - trout, rice, fried potatoes, bread, and a pancake for dessert. Our guide said it's the same every day, no exceptions. The island was pretty and interesting.

Back in Puno we did some last minute shopping - jewelry for me, an alpaca sweater for Jeff, and alpaca winter hats for some of our friends, and then headed back to the hotel. We grabbed sandwiches and bread to go and caught our arranged cab to Juliaca.

The airport at Juliaca was tiny, with just two gates, and presumably only a couple flights a day. Everything (stores, ticketing, security) was closed when we got there and stayed that way until about an hour and a half before our flight. But the flight home was nice and comfortable, and we were happy to land back in warm Lima.

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