Saturday, March 28, 2009

Peru Day 7 - Cusco to Puno

We spent Thursday on the bus headed from Cusco to Puno. We left the hotel at 8am and arrived in Puno at 5pm. There were five stops along the way. The first was a town with an old Jesuit church with lots of old paintings and gold-covered walls.

The next was a site of the Incan temple, houses and Incan storage buildings, followed by a buffet lunch.

We made a brief stop at the highest point on our drive - 4300 meters!

The last stop was in a town with a museum of pre-Incan artifacts. It was a cool museum, but we were only there for 20 minutes or so, and Jeff got mysteriously sick while we were there (we never figured out what made him feel so ill all of a sudden).

When we got to Puno, we wandered a bit, grabbed some dinner, and got to bed early.

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