Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Santa Fe - Day 3

Sunday was our last full day in Santa Fe, so we decided to go on a driving tour and see a bit more of New Mexico. We decided to drive North to Taos.

To get there, we took the "high road", which goes up through the mountains. The scenery was beautiful. It started out as red-rock desert.

Before long it had morphed into snowy, pin-covered mountains.

We stopped at a chapel on the way there, which is famous, though we didn't quite get the full story of why.

We went to Taos Pueblo - an Indian reservation with adobe houses. It was very cool to see these houses - just like in my elementary school social studies book!

Then we drove to find the Rio Grande Canyon. As we were driving along, the ground looked very flat, and it seemed very unlikely that there would be any impressive land formations. Then, among this flat landscape, there was suddenly a 360 foot deep crack in the Earth, with a river at the bottom.

The town of Taos was very cute, with lots of stores selling items from local artisans. We ended up having dinner there, which was very nice.

The whole weekend was very fun - we talked about everything from obesity to relationships, personal finance to issues the middle east, conflict diamonds to climbing mountains. The weekend with Neera and Janet is always fun and interesting - I'm already excited for next year!

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