Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Santa Fe - Day 2

On the second day in Santa Fe, Neera, Janet, and I got up early (well, 8:30am) and went to the free yoga lesson offered at Bishop's Lodge. Then we went into town for brunch - I had a green chile cheeseburger - so good!

Next it was time for relaxing. We had read about a spa in the New York Times called 10,000 Waves. It has outdoor hot-tubs facing the snow-covered mountains. We got there early, so we drank tea, shopped, and tried out the relaxation room. Then, we spent 45 minutes or so relaxing in out hot tub.

In the afternoon we headed back to town to see the Loretto Chapel and the Miraculous Staircase. With no visible supports or central pole, it's apparently a mystery of construction. (Though, not surprisingly, snopes informs me that this claim is false.)

We got dressed up and had a fancy dinner at La Casa Sena - the food was great!

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