Friday, November 21, 2008

Pol's Visiting!

My friend, Pol, is visiting from Barcelona for a few weeks, in part due to me telling lots of stories about how many fun things there would be to do in the U.S. He’s been here for over a week now, and thanks to a crazy road trip to Florida, he’s seen a good portion of the East Coast, and has been to over 6 states (and the District of Columbia). He’ll also be visiting Minnesota over Thanksgiving to experience an American holiday (and maybe some crazy Black Friday shopping). So hopefully the trip will live up to my hype.

Pol arrived last Wednesday. It had been quite a trip for him already. He left mid-day on Tuesday (EST Time) and flew from Barcelona to Gatwick Airport outside London. Then he had to find his way from Gatwick to Heathrow in the middle of the night. He got on an early morning flight to Detroit, spent a few hours in the airport there, and finally arrived in DC at dinner time on Wednesday, after over 24 hours of traveling. (I’m sure he’s not looking forward to repeating this process to get home…)

Jaisha, Jeff, and I were there to pick him up with an “I heart DC” T-shirt and an American flag winter hat. That night we took him to Johnny Rockets for his first meal in the U.S. (It’s a 1950’s style American diner with burgers, fries, and shakes.) He had plenty of people there to greet him - Jaisha, Stephanie B, Eric, Beth, Steph Wan, Andrew Jones, Alina, Emma, Kris, and me.

After dinner we headed to 18th Street lounge for drinks and live music. We stayed until Pol was about to fall asleep on his feet, and then headed home. We still needed to pack for our big road trip the next day…

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