Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I had just gotten back in town the day before Halloween, so Jeff and I didn't have much time to work on costumes and things. We decided to have our own Halloween party instead.

We went out to CVS and picked up some candy. (We knew kids probably wouldn't come trick-or-treating to our 9th floor apartment, but that just meant we'd get to eat it!) Then we went on to Whole Foods to pick up icecream and drinks, grabbed some Chinese food from Yum's II (only a block from our house!) and headed home.

We live in an area with night life, so during our errand-running we saw a good number of people out in costume, which satisfied my desire to see other people's Halloween creativity.

Our Halloween party mostly consisted of us sitting at home, not in costume (though I did wear an orange T-shirt and black shorts, and the orange and black striped toe-socks my dad got me), had our Chinese food, and ate the candy we had bought. Jeff finished an entire bag of candy corn.

We watched a few episodes of "Mad Men", a TV show that's gotten really popular, and that many people, particularly my mom, have told me I should check out. It was good, but I want to watch a few more episodes before I really write about it.

And that was the holiday!

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