Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jeff's Birthday

Last Wednesday (Nov. 18th) was Jeff's 25th Birthday! Now he can rent cars without an extra fee. (I think that's the only benefit of 25 we could think of.)

To celebrate, we went out to Birch & Barley, a new restaurant that just opened about a half-block from our house (very conveniently located). It has really good 'new American' style food, but it's big selling point its its very extensive beer collection. It has a two-page menu of beers available on tap, and any of them can be purchased in a 4 oz. tasting size, so you can try different things, and put together your own beer flight.

A bunch of our friends came in to town to celebrate - Jeff's friends Chris and Charlie were there from his econ program, there was also our friend Stephanie from GW, Jeff's cousin Sarah, Anya, from my UMD program, Ross and Dan - our friends from MIT, and Ross's girlfriend, Tory. So we had a really nice mix of people that we know through all different avenues. (Jaisha came too, but didn't end up staying due to a fiasco with the reservation/lack of table space. Sorry, Jaisha!)

Dinner was great, and afterward we went to Churchkey - the bar on the second floor of Birch & Barley, and chatted over one last beer before heading home.

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