Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's September!

Wow, time flies! Somehow I've been meaning to write over the last couple weeks but never find a spare moment. Among the list of notable events...

Live Music by Local Bands - Jeff and I went with some friends to the Black Cat, which is a club/music venue near our house. I think it's the first time we've went to live music (other than jazz) in DC. I had a really good time - I'd like to do a bit more research on what bands play there in the future and then go again!

Visiting Tim & Rachel - Our friends Tim and Rachel have moved from College Park to Baltimore, so we see them less than we used to - so it was really fun to have a Buffalo Wild Wings and Ikea adventure with a week or so ago. They're buying a house, too - more seems to be more evidence that everyone but Jeff and I is starting to settle down with their 'full-time jobs', 'houses', and 'weddings'. It's still graduate school and a studio apartment for Jeff and me... at least for now!

Restaurant Week - Last week was restaurant week, and Jeff and I may have gone a bit overboard - we went to three meals together, and Jeff went to another one without me. My favorite was Urbana, which is a restaurant just west of Dupont Circle. The food was amazing - and they had one dollar oysters! Definitely a place I'd like to try out again. Our lunch at DC coast was also very good - I had a mushroom and tomato soup that was great!

Stephanie's Bday - It was Stephanie Bednarek's birthday last week, also. Unfortunately I missed dinner because I had orientation for school, so I got there just as they were leaving the restuarant. Despite my clever idea that we just all eat dinner one more time, we ended up just chatting for a bit outside the restaurant before heading home. Ah, well.

UMD Orientation - The other main event of last week was the University of Maryland orientation events - the main thing was a short meeting for the PhD students (there are eight of us starting this year) to meet each other, followed by a dinner with all (PhD and Masters) incoming Public Policy students. The speaker during dinner was interesting and funny, and I was really excited to start the program.

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