Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Masters

This weekend Jeff and I, as well as my Mom, Dad, and brother, are in Augusta, GA, to see the Masters. I'm not really a golf fanatic, but I do know about the Masters and some of the main players, so I've been pretty excited about going. We have two tickets, and my Mom, Dad, and brother, who are bigger fans than I am, are using them most of the time, but Jeff and I had our turn this morning. No cameras (or cell phones... or much of anything) is allowed inside, so the only pictures I have are from outside the gate.

We were inside for about six hours, but it flew by. We started out by setting our chairs down at the end of the 16th hole. At the masters, you can set up your chairs and leave them, and nobody will bother them at all - not even move them a little.

We headed to the green of the second hole as the first golfers started coming through. We had a great, unobstructed view of the golfers coming over the hill and then putting.

After about 9 golfers had gone through, we headed to "Amen Corner" - hole 11, 12, and 13 are all in the same area, and you can stand there and watch people finish 11, go through 12, and tee off on 13. It was pretty cool, and again we had a great view - just behind the people sitting in chairs, so no one was in blocking our view

We grabbed some food, too, which is incredibly affordable - soda is $1.50, chips are $1.00, and sandwiches are about $1.50. Not bad. The soda comes in a collectible Master's 2009 cup, too.

After watching the first few golfers go through 11 and 12, we went to hole 16, where we'd left our chairs. We spend a little time there - the tee is straight across a little pond, so they hit right towards you, and then when they putted, they were about 30 feet from our chairs - you can see their expressions, even.

Our time was ending by then - the six hours really went by quickly - so we hurried to hole 6 to see Tiger Woods go through. When he teed off, his ball hit the flag pin - so cool to see! We followed him to hole seven and watched him tee off there - he was about 15 feet from us when he walked from the tee to the green.

Then it was time to give over the tickets to my Mom and Dad for the rest of the afternoon. Very cool though - I was excited to go back and watch the rest on TV! Seeing the Master's live was a pretty awesome experience. The golfers are incredible, as you'd expect, but even just the course itself is beautiful to see. High-seventies and sunny, blue skies, green grass, and pink azaleas.

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