Sunday, April 6, 2008

Come as Yourself in Middle School Party

Jeff and I had a party on Saturday night. The theme was "come as yourself in middle school" which we thought would be pretty fun, since lots of us were even more awkward and geeky then than we are now. And even if you were cool in Middle School, it was still the 90's, so any clothing choice you made would still be pretty funny. Jeff and I wore matching MathCounts T-shirts, which I thought was pretty reminiscent of something I would have done in middle school. Paired with my glitter eye-shadow, I was really in the spirit. We even bought tater tots and mini corn dogs for party snacks. Lots of Jeff's friends from his Econ program came (though mostly not in costume, since they mostly had school uniforms in middle school). That was really nice because I hadn't gotten a chance to talk with all of them before. Here are some pictures:

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