Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ecuador Trip - Day 9: Quito

Jeff and I decided to spend our last full day in Ecuador in Quito. We wandered around in the old town and saw some of the main churches. There is one done in Baroque style that is covered in gold on the inside - it's really beautiful. For lunch, we went to the Mercado Central, which was a big building with lots of little food stalls all over. We ordered two big glasses of juice, and Jeff got sea bass and ceviche. After lunch, we caught a cab up to see La Virgin del Quito - the statue on the hill you see in the background of a lot of my pictures. She has a crown of stars, and is holding a dragon on a leash, standing on top of the Earth. It was cool to see it up close, and you can even climb up inside it. The view of Quito from there is beautiful.

Views are one thing Quito doesn't lack, surrounded by mountains, there are lots of places you can go to get a good view. Arguably, the teleferiQo is one of the best, and that's where we headed next.The teleferiQo is a sky-tram that takes you up the highest mountain in Quito - to around 4100m. Once we were at the top, the only things on the same level as us were clouds. We actually looked down and saw an airplane on its way to land in Quito.After all of that, it was starting to get dark, and we headed back to our hotel for another evening on the terrace.

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